We transform the surfaces to create unique design furnitures.


This texture has all the softness of velvet. Velvet’s particular texture appeals to one’s sense of touch, as its incredible tactility unites it with this precious fabric. Therefore, every surface with which it comes into contact is rendered dense and extremely pleasant to the touch. Velvet is available in an ad hoc selection of six matt lacquered colours, and is applied exclusively to the Spin and Aero collections and Quadro with engraved decorations 3D Luxor XL.

3D Wave - White Purity
3D Wave - Mauve
3D Wave - Gratitude Purple
3D Wave - Victory Red
3D Wave - Harmony Green
3D Wave - Black Sky
3D Luxor - White Purity
3D Luxor - Mauve
3D Luxor - Gratitude Purple
3D Luxor - Victory Red
3D Luxor - Harmony Green
3D Luxor - Black Sky
3D Luxor XL - White Purity
3D Luxor XL - Mauve
3D Luxor XL - Gratitude Purple
3D Luxor XL - Victory Red
3D Luxor XL - Harmony Green
3D Luxor XL - Black Sky


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