We transform the surfaces to create unique design furnitures.


— The sleeping area evolves its identity to define itself as a living space.

The new 2023 Capod’opera collection invites you to experience the night area, conceived as a sophisticated environment with increasingly blurred boundaries.

The night group is available in bedside table, 7-drawer chest, and dresser versions. The collection features a front that is marked with the dynamic rhythm of its trellis drawers, accentuated by the three-dimensional Surface that recalls its geometry. 

Hug is a collection of freestanding bedside tables and 7-drawer chests with a pleated surface that creates a particular chiaroscuro effect. Its solid structure supports a top framed by upward projecting edges; it has been designed with full volumes or with an open space in order to meet the needs of contemporary living.

The collection consists of bedside tables, 7-drawer chests and dressers. Dream-On is defined by imperceptible details that denote the precision of its design. Its sides and lowered plane are held up by peculiar visible spines, which emphasize the search for the absolute feature. From a purely functional element, the handles evolve into an aesthetic detail.

Impressive cabinet furniture for rationalising one’s space: Passione is the hinged-door version, while Lussuria is the version with coplanar doors. The interior consists of a modular adaptable rack system with different accessories such as drawers, removable shelves, shelves, hanging rods, and open containers. The external surfaces can be customised with Bottega Capod’opera’s Surfaces, including the new 3D engraved factory texture.

Spin Bar is a new piece of furniture that expands upon the Spin line. This mobile bar features LED-lit interiors that amplify its sophisticated aura. Its retractable door hinges are incorporated into its long legs with their black nickel-plated finish. Adjustable knurled feet accentuate the cabinet’s slim figure. 


  • Spin, Peep
  • Concept, Aero, Spin Bar (New)
  • Aero
  • Hug (New), Lussuria (New), Dream-On (New), Boiserie Air
  • Passione (New)
  • Passione (New)
  • Dream-On (New)
  • Spin Bar (New)
  • Spin Bar (New)
  • Bold, Flyer, Twiggy
  • Flyer, Twiggy
  • Quadro 3D Luxor XL, Brillo
  • Multibox, Voilà, Quadro 3D Luxor XL, Brillo

Unpublished projects accompany the selection of iconic and timeless pieces. Each piece of furniture is enhanced by material textures, elevating the entire living space in the name of the Capod’opera identity. 

We thank you for providing us with new points of view and for accompanying us throughout this week.

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