We transform the surfaces to create unique design furnitures.


Metamorphosis, a reason for genuine distinction

The nature of Capod’opera is expressed through the sign of transformation. Its personality is reflected in this art, which combines pure abstraction with craftsmanship. Capod’opera’s deepest soul can be found in its unique way of characterizing surfaces, an entire product and, by extension, the space in which it is placed. Making it a recognizable element, that translates its customers’ preferences and personalities into design.

A mutual exchange

Through direct dialogue, Capod’opera provides its interlocutors with the tools that allow them complete creative freedom. The company must be utilised by its clients, as well as shopkeepers and architects. Therefore the result of each design also depends on the clients’ intuition, and the level of experimentation that they would like to reach. They have to apply a certain level of abstraction; with such endless choice in customisations, one might say that no piece of Capod’opera furniture is the same.

Explorers of texture

“Experiencing” is coming into contact. It is sharing an authentic curiosity for everything related to the unexplored. An investigation into places, lifestyles, trends. Like a journey of discovery, it helps to breathe new life into ideas. Feel and know-how, together with thoughts and certainties, are assimilated and transferred to the worked surface. Sometimes our creations are born spontaneously, when two samples randomly come together. At that point we run tests, and contemplate. We get our hands dirty, digging deeper into experimentation.

The sensitive approach

Observe events, listen to the echoes of style, to foresee results and predict needs. Each project dictates a dual approach to the subject. On the one hand, purely sensory, and on the other pragmatic. In this balance, a rapport with one’s senses is fundamental. Each product is the result of the sensitivity and dexterity of artisans applying their skills to every stage of the process. Each piece of furniture embraces and, at the same time, transmits an intense impression of materiality.