We transform the surfaces to create unique design furnitures.

Privacy turns 21

— It seems difficult to age without showing signs of it. Luckily, we renew the look of our furnitures every day and not a single one seems to have passed for Privacy!

A great achievement for one of the longest-lasting, most beloved products in the collection. Over the years it has always maintained its characteristic shape with framed edges, its distinctive feature. Its designer, Alessio Bassan, defines it as “a timeless piece”. And indeed Privacy is just that, a reliable companion, with a thousand resources.

Two decades after its inception, the iconic design is as relevant and sought after as ever. We have further updated the number of its surfaces, to respond to the needs of the modern consumer. Always different textures have furrowed its surfaces. Classic or contemporary, light or dark, no matter how you imagine it, you’ll never be tired of seeing Privacy around the house.