We transform the surfaces to create unique design furnitures.

The new 2022 Living Book. A personal dialogue

— An editorial project that brings the most famous sideboards and cabinets collections together with photographic portraits from the lab, inspiring details of the workmanships, narrative and technical descriptions.

In the same way that a conversation gives meaning reflecting the topics, the facade of a Capod’opera piece of furniture is in constant evolution. It uniquely characterizes the living environment, which becomes the scenario of metamorphic evolution.

A tool for designing personal interiors, driving new approaches, conveying alternative visions. An intimate story in chapters introduces the company philosophy. Inside the catalogue the complete collection of sideboards and cabinets, along with fine complements, gives life to strongly evocative environments. Spaces with a suspended atmosphere become portraits of evocative locations. Scenes of daily life inside the Bottega Capod’opera punctuate the narrative.