We transform the surfaces to create unique design furnitures.


— Past, Preset & Future in the name of transformation. 2022 is a year of change and new visions.

It can be said that when we opened our company in 1992, we did not expect to achieve these results. Instead, we wanted it so deeply that we overcame obstacles and set increasingly ambitious goals over the years.

We worked hard to establish ourselves among the recognised brands in the furniture design market, to build the distinctive identity that characterises us.Today we look to the future ahead with the same determination as always, with the firm intention of preserving the quality and uniqueness of our products.

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Thirty years of fine craftsmanship, skilled hands and steady gestures. Thirty years of innovative visions, far-sighted intuitions, drawings on flying papers, prototypes and tests, sometimes failed, sometimes extremely successful. Thirty years of contamination of styles and textures, of transformation. Thirty years of study. Thirty years of shared experiences, close friendships and utter respect for the fascinating and yet complex discipline that Design is. These first thirty years are the best of adventures, our very own “capodopera”.